Children's IKEA /  Highchairs

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$ 19.99

Highchair with safety belt, blue, silver color

Easy to disassemble and transport. A highchair makes it easier for small children to eat at the same table as grown-ups, which helps them develop social and eating skills.

Article Number: 701.467.92


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ANTILOP model 502.799.43 caution
By: louis porrini

The ANTILOP is a lightweight highchair that can be easily be tipped over if a child is in a standing position (not seated in the chair) and holding on to the tray. In my case the entire chair toppled over on my 11 month old grandson and caused him to fall backward with the chair overturning on top of him. I checked the warning labels on the chair and it could not find a warning that the chair can easily topple over.

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Children's IKEA /  Highchairs

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