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Wall clock, black

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DEKAD - pretty and loud
By: Jani

Very pretty, but extremely loud ticking. Even when it isn't on the nightstand and a bit away. Alarm can't be set exactly, because of the knob. It's a bit tricky to handle, because the transmission from the knob to the hand isn't in sync. I've set the alarm for half o'clock, at least I thought I did - it rang on 40 minutes past. Okay, set it a tiny bit earlier - argh - it's like you'll never know when it will rang. If you tend to change your alarm regularly - it's time consuming. If you have a regular routine (waking up on the same time) - aren't sensitive to ticking noise - it will be a wonderful nostalgic piece for you! The alarm sound is okay. I've set the time in summer, now in December, it's 8 minutes early. Better early, than late. In my point of view it's a really pretty decoration item, but I even put it in another room ... not the bedroom.

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Decoration /  Clocks

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