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$ 330.00

Storage combination with doors, white, high gloss white $450.00

Article Number: 590.051.09


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Besta TV storage unit
By: Ken

IKEA Besta article # 790.880.33 - BEWARE... Bought this beautiful TV storage combination unit I knew it was going to be a BIG assembly job. What I did not know was where to start? The instructions do not indicate where to start? So I started with the base cabinets. Easy to assemble. Followed by the towers, easy to assemble. It all went smoothly but I soon found out the instructions are very very vague and also do not give you assembly tips. If you are going to buy this unit pay particular attention to the following: 1. Read "all" the instructions...lay them out so you can set up an assembly order. Highlight details that are important like bracket direction on item #8. 2. Search on line for any assembly videos, You Tube was a good go to source. 3. Problems I encountered: - Phillips screws - it seems like the screw driver slot is too shallow I had a lot of trouble fitting the screw driver in the slot and keeping it from slipping out. Some of the screws are very tough to screw in. Very tight. Screws are all metric so made I needed a metric Phillips screw driver? - Labels are stuck to everything but they do not peel off they tear off in pieces in some cases but some peeled right off if you are lucky. Very aggravating. Goo Gone saved the day. - Adjusting the doors so they line up to each other is very tricky small moves are the best. - The towers have glass shelves that must be installed before the doors are installed. I missed that now because of the Phillips screw problem I'm having a tough time removing the doors to slip in the shelves. Very disappointing. - The bracket for the bridge of cabinets on the top is made for perfectly plumb walls. Walls are not plumb even in my brand new home. I could not use them the plastic brackets that slip over the bracket is flimsy, does not lay flat against the back of the cabinet. The slot in the bracket has such a tight tolerance everything must be perfectly lined up. Since this is all hidden you cannot see what you are doing. A disaster! I could not use them. Major problem and disappointment. I worked around it but was ready to take it all back to IKEA at one point. Main thing is too take your time, read "all" the instructions, my mistake I did them a 2nd & 3rd time. Well you are not reading them you are looking at pictures. In some cases the details were so small in the pictures I downloaded the electronic version from the IKEA website so I could blow them up on my iPad. Do not use a power screw driver screw everything in manually. Good luck.

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So many options with Bestå
By: Sofie

We have used Bestå for now 7 years and now we moved and reorganised it all again and bought new Bestå to add on.

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see item
By: darik

wanna see the back of the tv stand .brown color

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Dining /  Dining storage

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