Bedroom /  Beds with storage

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$ 449.00

Bed frame with storage, black

The 4 large drawers give you an extra storage space under the bed.

Article Number: 899.101.00


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Purchase with Caution
By: anonymouswife

I was skeptical about this bed frame as soon as we got all the parts out of the box- only some flimsy metal bars were provided to support a king size bed with box springs. However, it fit our needs; storage, affordable, didn't have to wait for delivery, modest design, etc. Now, nearly a year and a half later, one side of it is not holding up and the mattress and box springs continue to fall through every time we get in or out of bed. There are no warranties of any kind on most IKEA furniture products and no rating or review system on their website. I am extremely disappointed with our purchase and do not plan to shop at IKEA any time in the future for reliable furniture.

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Bedroom /  Beds with storage

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